Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Mirrors

Last Friday, my mom and I walked over to the Hirshorn Museum on our lunch break to see an exhibit that we had been planning on for about a month. 

When we got to the museum, it was PACKED! My mom and I walk over to the Hirshorn probably once every month or 2 because it is so close to our jobs (we work in the same building, YAY Friday lunches with mom!). I hadn't heard of this exhibit but I guess my mom did and good thing she did! 

This exhibit is so cool! We only had an hour but we definitely could have stayed for 2-3 hours. Basically you walked from beginning to end and in between there were the "usual art displays" by Kusama and then there were 4-5 rooms that you could go in and get a whole new experience. 

Unfortunately due to our time restraints we only had time to wait in line for one room but it was pretty awesome!!!

We got 20 seconds in the room and it was a dark room with lights and mirrors everywhere. A pretty cool experience.

I keep seeing pictures on social media of people in other rooms and I'm pretty jealous. 

However, the rest of the exhibit was pretty cool too.

The last room was maybe my favorite. It was an all white room with different furniture that would fit in a living room and dining room. Before we walked in a museum attendant handed us a sticker sheet with 6 dots of various colors and sizes and we were told we could just walk in and place our dots wherever we wanted. Mom got 3 and I got 3. 

(my beautiful mommy)

I have always liked art that was interactive and this part was pretty awesome. 

I didn't know much about Kusama other than I knew she had a collaboration with Louis Vuitton a few years ago, and I didn't read more about her during the visit (as we were in line a lot of the time) but I feel like I did get to know her through her art. 

I would definitely recommend going to this exhibit, just make sure you have more than an hour!!

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